Bean sprout Monday

Every time I go to a Korean BBQ joint for several straight hours of meat consumption, these little Korean side dishes are served. Most of them are spicy, so I can't eat them. However, there is ONE dish I love so much that I end up asking for 10 refills of it in one sitting. It's this bean sprout dish that has the perfect amount of saltiness and crunch.

I was mentioning this dish to a Korean classmate, thinking I could score a recipe, but she told me it was really easy to make and that the basic ingredients of most Korean dishes are salt and sesame oil. So I googled and obtained a simple recipe. I followed all the instructions and left out the garlic and toasted sesame seeds since I didn't have any.

The dish turned out perfect. The best thing is that I made it in one big batch and can munch on a small serving whenever I feel like it. I paired my bean sprouts with some fried pork dumplings courtesy of Trader Joe's frozen asian food section. They are surprisingly tasty. I bought some dumplings from my local 99 Ranch Market and they tasted like crap. Just tasted rotten and old!  I'm sticking with the Trader Joe's dumplings!!!

Here's the bean sprout recipe:

Also, if you're looking for a good deal on KBBQ in Los Angeles, I recommend Sanya on Olympic Blvd. Note that I said good deal! For all you can eat (AYCE) KBBQ, it costs $9.99 per person. That is a steal! The service sucks and apparently they don't serve cold tea or normal tasting water, but for $9.99 per person this place is awesome.  They have huge tables to accommodate groups. There are also the standard Korean restaurant door bells on the tables.

Another place to try, if you're willing to fork out the cash, is O Dae San. For AYCE KBBQ it's $16.99 per person. This place is good for groups as well as germaphobes. The atmosphere is definitely geared towards non-Asians who take into account the cleanliness of a restaurant and the service. Some of the waitresses didn't speak very good English but they got the job done and I left with a full belly.