Yesterday my boyfriend and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary and Valentine's Day. He got me an AWESOME gift, which I can utilize for my blog, and took me to King's Fish House in Downtown Long Beach. My boyfriend hates seafood so we always go to King's Fish House on my birthday and our anniversary. Then on his birthday we go to a steak house.

For apps, I ordered a crunchy lobster roll. It had asparagus, imitation crab, lobster, and cucumber in it. Then it was topped with panko and a sweet eel sauce. I devoured it which is why I have no pictures of it. 

I've written about my craving for lobster before, and I finally got one last night! I ordered a 1.25 lb. steamed Maine lobster with a baked potato and macaroni and cheese as my "sidekicks". The lobster was very yummy. I've found that Maine lobsters aren't going to be as good as if I'm actually eating it in Maine, but this lobster was delicious for California. I ripped that lobster apart like it was the last one in the world. Mmmmm. Lobster smothered in butter. I believe it is the perfect pairing. I gave my mac n cheese to my boyfriend but I did eat my baked potato. It was really soft, almost as if they cooked the potato outside of the skins and dumped it in. However, I still had to scrape the potato off the skin and it had that soft texture. How do you mess up a baked potato??

My boyfriend, the non-seafood eater, ordered a medium well top sirloin. He doused it in A1 sauce, which I dislike, but I did get a taste of a non-sauced piece. It melted in my mouth. It had the perfect char and was cooked to perfection. My boyfriend went into a state of euphoria.