Beach Pit - Tustin, CA

Tonight I was supposed to eat dinner at my sister's house, but I realllly reallly wanted BBQ and not something healthy. So I decided my boyfriend and I would go back to this place my sister introduced me to last week called Beach Pit. We called the order in and within 15 minutes our yummy BBQ was boxed and ready to pick up.

I ordered the pulled pork sandwich and fries. To my surprise it was buy one get one free sandwich day so I got a second one for tomorrow. YAY for me! My boyfriend ordered the 2 meat plate with turkey breast and beef brisket. So yuuuummmmy.

The prices were very reasonable and the staff was very nice. For two people the total was $22.17. There are many side options as well. Last time I went, my sister's husband ordered some blueberry cornbread. I usually can't stand cornbread but THIS cornbread was soooo good!

This was my boyfriend's mac n cheese, which he happily devoured. It was really tasty! SO tasty that by the time I snapped a picture of it, he had eaten 90% of it. 

Beef brisket and turkey breast.

My pulled pork sandwich and fries. The sauce was perfectly tart and sweet. The fries were nicely seasoned with the right amount of kick.

Epic yum.