Where's Rigo?

Living in hipster city a.k.a. Los Angeles, George and I see some odd people. One odd person that we both love and adore is George's brother, Rigo. Lately there seems to be an increase in beard growing and mustaches. They've become trendy. This brings me back to Rigo. He has a large bushy beard and since more and more people are growing beards, George and I run into Rigo look-a-likes everywhere!!! So we've decided to start taking pictures of Rigo look-a-likes in honor of Rigo.

This photo was taken on 3/4/2011. My MacPro adapter died so I had to go into the Apple Store to exchange it for a new one. Thank goodness I paid for the AppleCare Protection Plan, otherwise I'd have had to fork over 79 clams + tax. Anyways, this guy was working the floor at the Apple Store. On a side note: How easy would it be to be an Apple Store salesperson or genius for Halloween?

More Where's Rigo pictures to come!

Worst Soda Ever...ever..ever...ever..er!

I was strolling through the aisles of my local Ralph's with George on Sunday when we came across this soda that was up for sale. 45 cents a bottle! Now I've tried some questionable sodas, but this by far is the worst one ever! I've had Cel-Ray, different asian sodas, and variations of cream soda among others.
My first issue with this soda is that it is called CHUBBY soda. Who call's their soda CHUBBY? On top of that, as if the name wasn't horrific enough, there's a graphic of a short and chubby boy under the word CHUBBY. Why would anyone want to buy a soda that advertises itself as being chubby and will probably make you chubby with 130 calories and 32 g of sugar per bottle. The name of the flavors was hilarious as well. I picked up purple power! Something a Powerpuff girl would say.

Another product I don't recommend is Tio Pepe's frozen churros. I microwaved them in the crisp wrap but it was disgusting. More stale than crispy with a weird cinnamon taste. Do not buy these! However, I do recommend Tina's frozen bean and cheese burrito. Pretty moist tortilla for being frozen. It's easy to make too! 40 seconds on each side right in the microwave!

On a side note, Itunes is offering the official Dwight Schrute music video for free! It is Schrute-tastic!
Saturday night, my boyfriend, George, and I got our Chinese chow-down on at Tasty Garden. We started our dinner with taro milkshakes. A bit too sweet for my taste, and I LOVE sweets. It came with a tasty roll/cracker thing though.

Then I ordered crunchy walnut shrimp...my favorite! However, at Tasty Garden they deep fry the shrimp in batter before tossing it in the tangy mayo sauce. Yummmmmy!

George ordered beef lo mein with the lo mein fried on both sides so that it's crunchy. The sauce was delicious and a lot thicker than the ones served at other chinese restaurants. Other restaurants tend to make the sauce runny, which I hate since I like the sauce to coat the noodles.