Chinese New Year - Year of the Wabbit

Ahhh Chinese New Year! A time for eating Chinese food, getting together with my family, and receiving red envelopes ("lai see"). I just love the sound of extra money rustling in my pocket, ready to be spent on clothes and essentials but more likely to be spent on "Call of Duty Black Ops: First Strike" for PS3. On a side note: I'm fuzzywuzzy1213 for the PS3. 

Anyways, last Thursday was Chinese New Year, but it didn't make sense to have a family dinner during the week so we had one this past Friday. 

These candied walnuts are usually paired with shrimp smothered in mayo sauce....which sadly, is one of my favorite dishes. However, the one from this restaurant wasn't so yummy. It tasted like boiled shrimp tossed in the mayo sauce when it should have been fried shrimp. There's a certain level of crunchiness that it should have reached.

This dish is referred to as the "bird's nest." That's scallops on top with mushroom and other not-so-appetizing food items.

This was pork with vegetables. 

This is the Chinese equivalent of corn bread, but sweeter. I can't stand it, but my dad loves it.

Getting my lai cees! Gung hay fat choy!

Dessert was a combination of jello and red bean soup. Not a fan of the jello but I'm definitely a fan of the red bean soup. Slightly sweet, warm, and creamy.