Where's Rigo?

Living in hipster city a.k.a. Los Angeles, George and I see some odd people. One odd person that we both love and adore is George's brother, Rigo. Lately there seems to be an increase in beard growing and mustaches. They've become trendy. This brings me back to Rigo. He has a large bushy beard and since more and more people are growing beards, George and I run into Rigo look-a-likes everywhere!!! So we've decided to start taking pictures of Rigo look-a-likes in honor of Rigo.

This photo was taken on 3/4/2011. My MacPro adapter died so I had to go into the Apple Store to exchange it for a new one. Thank goodness I paid for the AppleCare Protection Plan, otherwise I'd have had to fork over 79 clams + tax. Anyways, this guy was working the floor at the Apple Store. On a side note: How easy would it be to be an Apple Store salesperson or genius for Halloween?

More Where's Rigo pictures to come!